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This journal is for the posting of news articles on or about pagans. The rules are simple for now:

1)The root post must be a news article.
2)Always comment at the very end of the thread.
3)Keep your comments clean and polite.
4)Finally all posts must have something to do with paganism.
5)Please put all articles in a lj-cut. The HTML code is
< lj-cut text="one line of text" > the article < /lj-cut >
Just remove the spaces before and after the < or >.

DISCLAIMER: Just because someone shares a news article don’t assume that they are supporting or believe the point of view expressed in it. I know I will post things from time to time just because I think someone (anyone) might like to read it.

Community News

7/14/06 -- I have removed the "Friend of" List from this Info page in order to provide more privacy for those who may still be in the "broom closet" or who don't want to be linked to the pagan community for any other reasons.

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