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Move over Hogwarts: Witch School Reopens Headquarters in Rossville, Illinois

Move over Hogwarts: Witch School Reopens Headquarters in Rossville, Illinois 

October 21,2007 12:00 AM EST

With the Harry Potter phenomenon raging, Witch School reopens their headquarters in the heartland of America and begins offering their magickal education to everyone everywhere. Overcoming discrimination they find a new home in the lovely town of Rossville Illinois, reopening in time to show everyone the real truth behind magick.
Rossville, IL (FV Newswire) - Being a real school for magick is not easy, and finding a place to succeed is even tougher. Last month, the world famous school closed its doors in Hoopeston after four years of difficult operation. In quiet and in secrecy, they moved the school headquarters down the road to a place of tolerance and acceptance, to the lovely town of Rossville. With this move completed, the world's largest online school for Witches, Wiccans and magick can focus on their mission: 'To provide anyone, anywhere, anytime with a quality Wiccan and Magickal Education.'


Witch School International is under new ownership and management. CEO Don Lewis moved the headquarters to 117 S. Chicago, Rossville IL, after several Rossville citizens came forward to convince him that this community known for its antiques and art shops would welcome them. This is very different from the four year experience in Hoopeston, where the daily paper and members of City Council boycotted and refused all contact with the Wiccan community. In the end, Rev. Don Lewis, realizing that the discrimination against the school could not be overcome, decided to accept the offer to move. Rossville is one of those truly rare American towns that accepts diversity, and tolerance is a real value practiced by honest citizens. In this, Witch School International is both grateful and relieved to finally find a new permanent home.

With new offices and a revived mission, Witch School International can look forward to the future. With the website, the staff reaches over 180,000 members and students worldwide with over a hundred classes. With the addition of and, WSI has become a community dedicated to teaching and learning about the wonderful magickal world that is all around us. They have become a leading gateway into the pagan community, regardless of nation, ethnicity, gender, faith or beliefs; because Witch School is open to all people everywhere.

The future for this real world academy is being led by WS President Debbe Tompkins. She states, "We plan to build on our base to offer an even deeper education with courses and community dedicated to helping us save Mother Earth. Wiccans are dedicated to living green, helping the environment, and we are going to do our part." She further adds, "I want to thank Rossville personally for making us feel welcomed. This is something we have no real words for other than Thank You and Blessed Be."

To find out more about Witch School, Check out their Website at, call them at 217-748-4078, or visit them at 117 S. Chicago, Rossville Illinois.


Company:Witch School International, Inc.
Contact:Debbe Tompkins
Web Site:
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