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Karma and The Wiccan Principles are at work in my life.

Karma and The Wiccan Principles are at work in my life.

As Wiccan and a witch, I feel that karma is of utmost importance. More importantly, as a mentor and teacher, I feel that I must be above board when it comes to following the Rede and The Law of The Threefold Return. Not only do I believe in them, I teach them as well. But it has not always been so.

I have come to hold these things so tightly in belief because of things that have happened in my life during the last two years. As I am already written, I was given the shop the that I own. I honestly believe that it came to me because of karma.

The lady who owned the shop before, and who simply gave it to me, is a well-regarded teacher in the field of Wicca. She came to live in New Zealand in a rather sort of odd way. She came her to lecture at a university and simply stayed. Why? Even she is not quite sure.

She was born and raised in Phoenix, Arizona. She has traveled the world and spent time in many beautiful and deeply spiritual places. However, she says that once she stepped off the plane in Christchurch she knew she would stay for a long time. Well, she stayed for 10 years. She says that she returned to the US to be nearer to her grandchildren.

I wonder about that though. The reason is because of how she came to leave New Zealand. She came into the shop one day and announced that she was returning home. Just like that. Maybe she was homesick. But again, I wonder.

Why so I question her motives? It's simple really. Timing. She was in the middle of a big project at the time. She was also in the middle of a Year and a Day program. Then, she simply comes in one day without having mentioned it before and announces that she is leaving the next week.

There is more. I question why she simply gave the shop to me, not that I am complaining at all. The previous week I had told her that when she retired I would like the option to buy the shop from her, even I were working there anymore. She said of course. Then exactly a week later she hands me the papers saying that the shop had been transferred into my name. Strange to say the least.

What do I think that karma has to do with this? I won't go into details because she reads this blog. Let us just say that I had helped her with a very sticky and delicate situation a month earlier when no one else would. I has also been as good a friend as I could to her because she was a good friend to me.

I believe that it was the good karma that I sent off coming back to be in the form of the her giving me the shop.

I have a hundred other examples that I could give you, but we would be here all day. I do want to tell you about one other incident though. This one involving bad karma. It is the really reason that I have changed my view of karma and hold stricter to the Wiccan Principles.

I have a friend, or former friend now, who asked me to do a spell for her that I knew I should not do. I knew that no good could come of it but I did it anyway because she was my friend.

She was having terrible troubles in her marriage. Her husband was cheating on her and she knew it. But she loved him and wanted to stay with him, minus the mistress. The spell she wanted was a special one that make the girl leave her husband alone. It was really sort of a curse if you want to know the truth. My friend begged so I finally agreed despite my better judgement.

We sat down and wrote the spell together and performed it. It was a terrible disaster! The mistress was hit my a speeding car and was gravely injured. She may never walk again.

This time karma really came back at me in a nasty way. I had just bought a car. It wasn't new but it was pretty and it was mine. Two weeks after the mistresses accident, my car caught on fire with myself and my twin daughters inside. Everyone got out safely, but the car was destroyed.

To make matters worse, the insurance company refuses to pay for it because they say I didn't have the car checked my a proper mechanic before I bought it. That's not true. I did have it checked. The company says that you have to have someone on their approved list check it.

Then, because I was without a car, I could not get my shop open on time the next day. My daughters and I rode the Tram and it was delayed. Then we missed the next Tram and had to wait. In all, I was 2 hours late opening my shop. I missed a very important meeting and probably a lot of money in the deal.

I am trying to get my shop's website up and running. The meeting that I missed was with the web designer.

So you see, karma really came back on me. Since then, I have been holding closer with the Wicca Principles because, you see, that was 3 things. 3 things came back to me. The Law of the Threefold Return has made a real believer out of me! 

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