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A Pagan (Wicca) perspective on “Non-Attachment”

A Pagan (Wicca) perspective on “Non-Attachment”


Attachment to our creations and relationships is a part of life. Attachment can be a positive connection, as long as we know when to let go.

Pagans do not follow a path of non-attachment. We believe that when death comes we will then give up our worldly attachments to make way for the next incarnation. Many Pagans believe in reincarnation. We do not seek to be released from the wheel, we embrace it. We know that all things have an end, and when that end comes we deliver our attachments to the Dark Goddess, who is the Crone aspect of the Goddess.

She is not always an easy Goddess, but She is the cauldron of rebirth. In this, we honor and celebrate her. Of course, it sometimes does cause us sorrow to see our creations unmade. Feeling sorrow is a part of life, and is similar to attachment in that it is important to know how and when to let go.

In Pagan ritual, in the turning of the wheel of the year, we see the bigger picture and remember that all that is made is unmade. This helps from forming unhealthy attachments to our creations and possessions.

We have the story of the descent of Innana as an archetype for giving up all we love to descend to the underworld. We know that at the end our lives we will give up all we know and love, and even give up our own personalities. We know that beyond our personalities is our soul that lives on and will be reborn from Cerridywn’s cauldron of rebirth. We celebrate our lives, and our creations, for they are a gift.

- Mari Powers

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